Sunday, August 7, 2011

Epic Road Trip -- The beginning

Our trip actually started, as all mommies know, with weeks of planning and days of packing. This was made even more memorable by losing my voice completely in the 24 hours before departure. Relying heavily on whistling and sign language, the kids and I finished up the grocery shopping, laundry and packing before daddy got home from work. His forte is loading the car. A feat requiring fantastic spatial skills and patience if every last inch of cargo space is to be utilized! 

Day 1 of actual travel dawned bright and sunny . . . as evidenced by the pained expressions in the above picture! You'd think they hadn't seen sun in days and were in danger of going up in a poof of smoke. What truly sealed the deal was that just as I was setting up the tripod for the below pictures, the sprinklers went off. Wish I'd caught the kiddos shocked and injured expressions.

 After our "before" pictures, we hit the road, making tracks for Kettle Falls, WA, a mere 10 hours drive. Kids were fantastic as they were for most of the 3,000+ miles. Big D read, Little Sis was primarily self-entertained and on occasion, we were called upon to redirect their restless energy. Rest stops were mandatory opportunities to try the toilet and stretch your legs. Little Sis cracked me up. Never failed that she would energetically deny the need to use the bathroom, fume all the way into the stall and then whisper that, turns out, she really needs to go. It was a revelation to her each time!
 We made such fantastic time that we arrived at Great Grandma's house in the mid afternoon. It was frustrating to not be able to talk with her and I relied heavily on hubby to "translate" my whispers into communication she could hear. She has not been well for some time and this may be the last visit we have with her. It is so hard to see loved ones grow old and tired. She clearly enjoyed the children and treating them to Drumstick ice-cream cones.

 We took the ice-creams outside in order to spare the house and to get some photos. The kids and daddy had a great time followed by some running around in the yard, playing tag. Grandma sat at the front window and most certainly enjoyed the spectacle.

 Kettle Falls is a rural community located about 40 miles south of the Canadian border. Such beautiful country and it holds a great deal of memories for me. I've been traveling to grandma's house since I was Little Sis's age. I know the roads and landmarks well. It'll be heartbreaking when there is no longer a reason to travel those roads again . . .

The children were sweet and attentive to grandma and she so enjoyed them. It was a good start to our adventure, setting the tone for creating family memories and togetherness.

Next stop, Yellow Stone! We're just getting started . . .

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georgia b. said...

loving all your recent photos!

congrats on having your canoe image chose for owp project today! what a beautiful shot!

long time, no see/talk. i hope you are well.