Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Resolution for Summer Time Photography Fun

I have a new resolution . . . I want to recapture the fun and enjoyment of taking and sharing pictures! No "bad" thing has happened to prevent my doing that -- just a full and busy life. A life that I want to capture and hold on to. Just look what I would have missed if I hadn't deliberately brought my camera to this fun play date with friends!

My resolution is to take and post a picture most every day . . . in a couple of weeks, we'll be taking a massive road trip across the country with stops at Yellowstone and the Black Hills. I want to be well in practice with my camera so that I can document our adventures!

No pressure. No expectations for these daily opportunities for practice. I used to say in college when I'd drag my cold self to the pool at 6:00am that I was "forming a habit." Just had to go through the actions so that it became more natural and fluid . . . so, I'm forming habit of creating images and sharing. It's one I've fallen out of but I'm banking on "muscle memory"and the desire to create!

Love to have some tips on "documentary" kinds of photography. I find that I rarely get the results I want when I shoot candids of my kiddos. Posed or stills are one thing but actions when it is happening. Help!