Friday, August 5, 2011

Every Day Things

 Thank goodness for Shutter Sisters! I'm not sure I'd ever get the pics from our trip blogged without their prompts the last two days. Today's theme is "every day things." Certainly the expected highlights of our trip were the wildlife but while "hunting" the elusive creatures of the wild, I found my eye drawn to these images. I imagine they are "weeds" and "pests" to most but since they don't live in my backyard, they are beautiful!
 I love the delicate curling lines and the feather softness of the "fluff." Wish I was more well-versed in plant parts so I can better describe what I find so alluring!
This last was a capture on the side of the road at Custer State Park in Montana. We stopped just for this flower . . . if you've been to such a place where people expect to see some amazing animal around each bend, you'll remember how people pull over just to see what you might be seeing! Kinda made me giggle. :)

I hope to tell the story of the "epic road trip" in the next couple of days. It was such a amazing experience as only a family trip across five states and 3,000 miles can be!

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