Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

My public has been clamoring for an explanation for the long silence on this blog. Well, not really but it kinda makes it more fun to pretend:) 

The explanation I have to offer is LIFE. Just the day to day routines and the few exceptional events that keep one a bit too busy to reflect, at least in blogs. So in a nut shell, here's a few highlights:

1. Since the ill attended garage sale, we have been unable to park in our actual garage as we are storing a crib, couch and various other items there for an indeterminate amount of time. Ideally, we are waiting for prego coworkers to come get some of it and for Goodwill to get the others. Meanwhile, our cats clamor at the backdoor as they have been banned from the garage as well. In retribution, they are leaving furry, muddy paw prints on our vehicles. Fair is fair. 

2. Major overhaul of book storage -- meaning they are no longer in boxes on our bedroom floor and mostly in a new bookcase on our landing/library. Still need to unload a few boxes at Powells and at the academy where I used to teach. Then we are not allowed to purchase any new books as our bookshelf is already FULL. 

3. Finally got around to printing and framing some of the photos taken by our dear friend and professional photographer . . . yesterday when I picked them up at Costco, they had me sign a waiver because CLEARLY, I didn't take these pics.  Should I be flattered or insulted? :) 

4. My parents visited this past weekend for annual pumpkin patch trip and other assorted fun. This was followed by a day off from school for Big D. These two events are paired because MAN, it was a lot of work! Devin had a little buddy spend the day with us as his parents had to work so exit grandparents and enter 5 year old bundle of energy. 

5. This past week at work was INTENSE (I seem to be relying heavily on caps today . . . ) with a very vulnerable, at-risk client. Fortunately by week's end, this client was transferred to a higher level of service. Whew. 

6. And for heaven's sake, my body/hormones are going bonkers. I'll spare you the details except to say perpetual PMS is not a good state to be in!

7. Finally, this little space in which I write this entry, is the calm before the storm. Tomorrow we have a birthday/costume party (still have to make Big D's cowboy costume but don't get me started on that), Harvest Festival and TWO days off from school for Big D and dentist appointments for both kids. Fun, fun, fun. 

I've been wondering, again, what I want to do with this blog. Clearly it is written for myself and my need for self-expression, ya-da ya-da ya-da and etc.  Likely my diligence will come in go in spurts. My family blog and photo albums have been taking precedence as my children race through milestones. I used to scrapbook, pre-children, but since my little rug rats have come along, I simply have not had the time to drag out all the papers, etc. though I still like the overall effect and hands on component of creating pages. I'd like to learn more about computer scrapbooking though for now, I'm happy to create simple photo albums and blogs and have them printed as books. 

Muffins have come out of the oven and this little reprieve is over for now. Adios.