Monday, January 31, 2011

City Walk

 Had  wonderful day yesterday! Enjoyed yummy coffee and a good conversation with a friend and then strolled along the streets with her, looking for photo subjects. I really want to take more urban pictures but get a little "stage fright" when out on my own. Isn't that silly? My friend has no such hang ups and helped me be a braver gal!
 We both agreed that we should have begun our photo-walk earlier in our visit and snapped more pictures. Most of mine were disappointing. It was a cloudy day and I struggled with the right balance of shutter speed and aperture. Blur, blur, blur. I've been away from my camera too long . . .
 I'm happiest with this pictures of a telephone (power?) pole that has succumbed to years of stapled adverts and flyers. Layers and layers of multicolored papers and rusted staples. The texture was just so interesting.

Today is a big day at our house. Big D has a report on an Asian country to give in class. May I ask, since when to 7 year olds do research and write reports? Hmm. Anywho. Sis has kindergarten Round Up. Not sure she'll appreciate a photo-happy mommy so pictures may not be forthcoming!

What's coming up in your week?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Close to Home

How fortuitous that the Shutter Sisters prompt for today is to look Close to Home for photo inspiration . . . I think this is the first photo I've taken in at least two weeks. Just busy life, busy brain and busy children to keep me otherwise occupied. As I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I was struck by how pretty my faucet seemed. There was a bit of rare winter light coming in through the window. Much to Sis's amusement, I got out the tripod and fiddled around with a few pictures before returning to stove cleaning.

This morning, I am meeting a friend for chocolate and a camera talk and walk. I hope to have pictures to share or at the very least, bring home a little dose of inspiration to get me snapping this week!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Fix it Friday #84

It's been awhile since I've played along with Fix it Friday at i heart faces!  So let's see . . . I used photoshop and here are my steps as best I can remember:
1. Threshold to identify highlight and lowlight and skin tone
2. Adjusted using curves
3. Used the highlight/lowlight tool
4. Cropped to remove the light
5. Added a layer with multiple, "erased" to create darker edges. There's a fancy name for that, right?
6. Used burn tool to bring out highlights in eyes
7. Added a bit of color to the blown out bits of the chair
8. Added a Totally Rad filter -- can't remember which!

Life is full and busy. But I'm determined to continue finding ways to include creativity and play. Took some fun pics this morning while cleaning the kitchen sink . . . I'm going to get back to the housework and grocery shopping but with an eye to other images to share later in the day!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Oh, I'm not sure I have many words to share. Just pictures snapped after school one day this week. I love that I got to pick up both of my children because I'm my own boss and take them to the park to play -- and then home for homework and dinner and night time routines. I love that we've eaten together as a family every day this week. My perspective has shifted . . .

A part of me worries that without the structure of a job, I won't be as driven. Maybe I need the pressure and demands in order to be effective in my role. Then I realize that is the voice of fear speaking. Of course I'm motivated and though this building up time is slow, the pace will accelerate. Now is the time to establish the balance I and my family need so that I can hold that line as the business grows.

There has been a tension between what I believe families need and how I help families in my work and how I've managed my own family . . . now I get to bring these two things more in line. Attend to my own children's needs before I turn to those of other families. Ah. This is good. This is right!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok. Moment of truth. Shutter Sisters posted a challenge for the New Year of picking ONE word to "influence" and "shape" the entire year. Picking the word was easy -- grow. I want and intend to grow in so many ways! Of course there is the new practice that I want to grow. And there are friendships and community that I want to grow. And I want to grow my skills in creating balance for myself and my family. 
Now that all sounds well and good, you say, but what's with the pictures? Well, there was this other Shutter Sisters entry about allowing yourself in front of the lens rather than always being the safe and invisible photographer in the scenes you shoot. Guilty. I have a love/hate relationship with my body. Don't we all? Some lucky gals are comfortable in their skin and have a certain confidence that makes them beautiful and sensual. I want that! I want to grow into loving myself and living whole hearted.
So the first photo was my not-so-courageous self-portrait. And then I took a day or two to work on my nerve and tried again. I like it. It makes me nervous that I like this second photo. And more than a little nervous to share it. This is what it feels like to grow. Uncomfortable. Nervous. Wanting to go back to safety and the known.

In what ways do you want to grow and stretch this year? I'd love to hear :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a bright and beautiful start to 2011!