Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer Craziness

I have been absent most (ok, all) of the summer . . . it's just been CRAZY. So much that I don't know even where to begin! I'll gloss over the last two months, saving it up for a future entry and instead tell you about yesterday. It was a "pinkalicious" day with Little Sis.
Yesterday was a mom and daughter event, featuring lots of pink. Here's our list of accomplishments:
  • painted pink toe and finger nails
  • made pink-frosted cupcakes
  • bought new pink undies
  • watched Dora who I think was wearing pink
  • made some pink jewelry
  • and of course, we wore pink

We picked up Big D early and headed to a local fountain to play and cool off. I got to experiment with my iphone and a polaroid ap. Very fun! In all the busy-ness this summer, I have missed creating beautiful photos and sharing them. 

Today is Big D's day with mama. We will do his school shopping, get him a haircut and then do some sort of project. He's excited about the prospect of helping me sand two little tables I'm rejuvenating for my office. 

There is so much to share! Good things are afoot.

What has kept you busy this summer?