Monday, February 2, 2009


Clearly, I'm stalling. There is laundry to be changed, chart notes to write and bulbs long over due for planting. I'm not even sure I can get away with planting them now . . . worth a try, I suppose. True to my word, I took more pictures Saturday afternoon. This time with the family in tow. Hmm. They apparently have an aversion to having their pictures taken, at last knowingly. Plant and bird life do not have this aversion. 
There was a gorgeous sunset that evening and my hubby kept saying helpful things like -- "Look at those clouds. Wanna take a picture?" The pressure, the pressure. I have tripod trepidation. Yes, yes, I know. How foolish. I fear that people will see me whipping out my handy three-legged friend and think I'm a photographer poser. A wanna be. I do wanna be! So all pics shown here were sans tripod and many others with potential turned out not good due to my poor focus and steady-holding skills. Vanity before a fall and all that. 
Where does this leave us? Still stalling, looking out the window at the starlings and wondering if they'll pose for me and counting down the minutes before kid-pick up. It's been a beautiful day so far. Had the pleasure of a companionable run with a good friend followed by chocolate and one heck of a parallel parking job. It's the little things:) The sun is out, my little one is napping and the house is quiet. All is right in my world -- at the moment! 

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robin laws said...

starlings are always willing to pose..i've checked with them and they say go for it. they do better if you offer a cracker or two as enticement though. that makes me smile about john saying that. my husband has similar helpful things to say.. "isn't that picture kind of blurry?" well yes it is but t sometimes the captured moment is worth a less than perfect photograph. right? by the way did you get any of those cloudy sunset shots?