Saturday, January 31, 2009

Photography Field Trip: Fog

For the last several days, we have woken to dense freezing fog, the kind that leaves an cold icing of frost everywhere. Beautiful, really. I kinda hoped for the same today on our class field trip. It was certainly cold and foggy -- just minus the frosting. We began at a waterfront park, in the early morning light. I was wearing snow pants, boots and two sets of gloves. May have been overkill. Fortunately, there is no photographic evidence of this style statement! Anyway, I was temporarily flummoxed about how to get started! Everyone bustling about with their tripods and fancy cameras. They seemed so ambitious and productive! Finally got a couple shots off of dark fir trees in the foreground with the lightening fog in creeping across the green grass . . . sounds delightful, doesn't it? I'm not sure they actually worked and will withhold them until I can lay my eyes on the actual printed version . . . 
Our second stop, after coffee at a local bakery, was a rhododendron garden. I actually found evidence that spring is on her way. See above. Also saw lots of bird life, including a lone hummingbird that I couldn't figure out how to capture on "film." I was really taken with the two above pics and another of a white feather -- lots of beaded water detail. Alas, I need to use a timer next time to reduce the shake when depressing the shutter . . . and mess with the light meter. I'm learning all the time.
Here is one shot of the "fog" -- notice that the duck kinda in the middle has water pouring of his back. He just popped back up to the surface. Cool! The colors got brightened in Photoshop elements -- see what I mean about the light meter! UGH! I want to go back out there and do it all again. 

I had a wonderful time. I became so lost in looking for images that I didn't notice the passing of time. The rest of my classmates had exited the park, making their way to their cars and I was still busily snapping away. In fact, can't wait to go to Costco and pic up the prints and I intent to go back out and experiment a bit more before the day is out!

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robin laws said...

i was just so thrilled for you seeing these wonderful shots only three weeks into your class!! these are so pretty! i love the blurred and rich green backdrop. it was a cold, cold morning out there but you made it appear to be full on spring with those pink flower buds. i would love to have gotten a duck as it popped out of water... i want to see this close-up...don't forget to bring a print in.

happy day sleep at last!!