Friday, February 6, 2009

Sick -- yuck

Evil, nasty viral buggies have descended on my house . . . they are shrink-wrapping my brain and hijacking any interesting ideas I may have had for a blog entry today. I ventured out to drop Big D at school sans makeup, hoping to avoid any chit-chat with other mommies. But alas, ended up volunteering my sick self for an art project in the next week or two and planning a play date. Can I not figure out how to STOP? Enough is enough, right? Don't tell my mother I said that . . . she's been telling me for years that I don't know my limits and take too much on and etc. 
During this week's photography class, I learned two important lessons. First, I take way too few pictures! My classmates shot literally HUNDREDS of pics during our outing whereas I think I maxed out at about a hundred. As I approach the next assignments, I'm going to be way more generous with trigger finger:) Second, as he was showing me how he'd frame various of my photos differently, he said (wait for it . . . ) to use my editing software to get the effect I want. GASP! Apparently I don't have to shoot them PERFECTLY. Whew. What a relief. So the above to pics are edited and cropped pics from the foggy field trip. And I love them:) 

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robin laws said...

i love that you love them!! and i love them too! independent of your loving them of course :) really great crops :) i mean truly what could be better about that lone tree in the fog?
i hope you are are though aren't you? poor you.