Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Barbwire revisited

It is a happy, happy day! Solid sleep last night, cheerful kids this morning and actual joyful anticipation for the day. It'll be a full day and not without significant challenges but I feel as if I've come out the other side of some sort of dark place . . . Conversations with good and trusted friends helped me reframe the way I was approaching this "dark place." Not so very different than seeing something other than potential threat in a tangled strand of barbed wire. This sleepless, anxiety-ridden time is a transition. The images that come to mind are of a irritable snake shedding his skin. Or the pain of labor.  Something to be endured, weathered. Something good is coming . . . 

1 comment:

robin laws said...

what a perfect metaphorical photograph! and you have began to see your way clear to the happier next chapter.. good, good. i do not doubt you will weather that knot of barbs and even perhaps untangle it into an unfurling ribbon of color.