Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bloody Freak'n Insomnia

Plague, plague, plague. Not sleeping. UGH. Oh well, guess that means quality quiet time for me while my hubby snores (loudly) upstairs. You know, when small children mysteriously begin waking at night, a hypothesis is that they wake at a time when their parents are readily available . . . as if to make up for the time away during the day. These little tots wake up, inviting their parents to either snuggle, beg or otherwise bribe them back into bed or, if they are clever and their parents especially vulnerable to guilt, to play. I have met more than a few sets of gullible parents that find themselves with the legos on the floor in the wee hours of morning. Perhaps I am awake because this is my chance at quiet. Uninterrupted time . . . 

I know this sleep thing will pass. For now, why fight it. I'm going to crack this book on photography and when I feel truly tired (or more tired, I guess), I'll give it another go. Wish me luck.

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