Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 3 "ish" of the Summer Challenge

 Hi again. Twice in one day. Must be a Mama Mutterings record! Today marks the first canoe adventure of the season. And what a wonderful day it's been! We had a wee portage to our launching site. Don't I sound knowledgeable and sea worthy? As you can see below, we essentially carved a trail by dragging our canoe through thick and tall grasses.
Quick before I forget, let me tell you about all the amazing wildlife we say -- a baby raccoon at the side of the road. So wished we'd pulled over so that I could snap a picture. Small, fluffy and very, very cute. Unfortunately, it was a narrow road with no shoulder. Bah:( We also saw a Bald Eagle nest perched on top of a telephone pole with what looked like babies. Are they called chicks? Finally, an Osprey dove and caught a fish while we were watching from our canoe. Awesome!
 Kids did reasonably well. They both seemed to think there was nothing new to see because we had been in the lake before and yet . . . note all the above wildlife features we saw! Silly nillies.
 The man aka propeller at the back of the canoe. I sat in the front, lounged and took pictures, paddling occasionally.

 Where we were we could see three mountains -- St. Helens, Hood and an unidentified third. Hubby has all sorts of guesses but we're relatively clueless. Adams?

Here's the photographic evidence of my presence on this trip. Relaxed toes, cool shoes and a beautiful sunny day!

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