Friday, January 28, 2011

Fix it Friday #84

It's been awhile since I've played along with Fix it Friday at i heart faces!  So let's see . . . I used photoshop and here are my steps as best I can remember:
1. Threshold to identify highlight and lowlight and skin tone
2. Adjusted using curves
3. Used the highlight/lowlight tool
4. Cropped to remove the light
5. Added a layer with multiple, "erased" to create darker edges. There's a fancy name for that, right?
6. Used burn tool to bring out highlights in eyes
7. Added a bit of color to the blown out bits of the chair
8. Added a Totally Rad filter -- can't remember which!

Life is full and busy. But I'm determined to continue finding ways to include creativity and play. Took some fun pics this morning while cleaning the kitchen sink . . . I'm going to get back to the housework and grocery shopping but with an eye to other images to share later in the day!


Kristen said...

ohhh i like the texture you added!

Unknown said...

nice edit. like the texture and the richness of color. I LOVE your header pic, so sweet and beautiful.