Monday, January 31, 2011

City Walk

 Had  wonderful day yesterday! Enjoyed yummy coffee and a good conversation with a friend and then strolled along the streets with her, looking for photo subjects. I really want to take more urban pictures but get a little "stage fright" when out on my own. Isn't that silly? My friend has no such hang ups and helped me be a braver gal!
 We both agreed that we should have begun our photo-walk earlier in our visit and snapped more pictures. Most of mine were disappointing. It was a cloudy day and I struggled with the right balance of shutter speed and aperture. Blur, blur, blur. I've been away from my camera too long . . .
 I'm happiest with this pictures of a telephone (power?) pole that has succumbed to years of stapled adverts and flyers. Layers and layers of multicolored papers and rusted staples. The texture was just so interesting.

Today is a big day at our house. Big D has a report on an Asian country to give in class. May I ask, since when to 7 year olds do research and write reports? Hmm. Anywho. Sis has kindergarten Round Up. Not sure she'll appreciate a photo-happy mommy so pictures may not be forthcoming!

What's coming up in your week?

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