Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Afternoon and Kitty Photo Shoot

This is Athena -- beautiful goddess that she is. Feisty and furry. She is an incredible pest when trying to weed the yard. She crawls under and between your legs and eventually finds the very weed you're eye balling, plopping herself down smack dap on top. She and her feline companion, Odyssey (there's a Homeric theme in our cat name selections) have gotten less of our love and attention since the children. Certainly they know that the wee boy and girl are to blame for their shoddy treatment. And to be honest, the devotion of young children is not viewed by our kitty pets as adequate compensation . . . in fact, upon hearing the children enter the yard, they generally dart away and look back warily. Poor dears.
Oh, look, there's one of them now. Tearing up the grass, picking the new flowers -- all to make mommy a gift! The gift, as I know you're wondering, comprised of an inverted frisbee, filled with dirt, rocks and the aforementioned picked flowers. It was lovely. Breathtaking really :) It's still on the porch if you want to come by and take a look!

Tomorrow promises to be sun-filled and pleasantly mild. We are planning all manner of outdoor fun. And I am determined to capture some of the spring sights with my camera! I feel as if its been weeks since I've had a truly full day of picture snapping. I'm anxious to have new pictures to play with and share.

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