Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitty Love

This is our other kitty -- Odyssey is her name. I'm feeling inspired to share some of my childhood memories by Georgia's post today.

I remember the litany of kitties that joined our family at various times -- our very first kitty was Tinkerbell and we would play doctor with the poor dear. And swing her around by her front paws. We were not cruel children, my sister and I. We just thought she'd enjoy that as much as we did when our dad swung us in the yard! She was a patient puss. Never scratched or bit. Though she did hide her litter of kittens from us -- repeatedly. Hmm . . .

We moved around quite a bit as children. Our parents were church school teachers and generally made a move every 3-4 years. When we moved across country to Nebraska, Tinkerbell found a home with an elderly lady. Actually, she was cat-napped. The woman refused to relinquish our kitty because our new home was in the country and she feared that coyotes would gobble up our little friend. So, my sister and I got new kittens. Cinders, who was an all black kitty and the runt of the litter, and Frisky. Poor Frisky met her fate under the wheels of the family car . . . but Cinders was a spry, unstoppable kitty that stayed with our family for 16 years.

Cinders was a resilient and tough. She treed tom cats and chased dogs out of our yard. Apparently no one told her she weighed maybe 5 pounds! Her devotion knew no bounds. She followed us on walks, a little shadow  at our heels. She brought gifts to the back door and was never put off by our squeals and disgust. Nothing made her happier than finding an empty lap or sharing our popcorn with us.

Staying with the theme of worthiness -- pets love us unconditionally and without expectation. Well, I supposed they'd like to have regular feed and water! But barring that, it amazes me how loyal they remain when our life circumstances shift, new children join the family and our pets get short shift. They continue to sit at our feet, purr when we pat their heads and follow us with their eyes. Its no wonder that pets are so good for our mental health!

My mantra for today, who I hope will shadow my moves on kitty feet, is that I am worthy of this love and devotion. Not just from my pet but my family and friends. That I can accept it with open arms and gratitude!


georgia b. said...

thanks for sharing these memories.

i have so many stories and memories about my cats. even some of what you wrote about here is so similar to my memories.

writing out those memories is so fun, isn't it? it was for me. even the less than perfect memories. it's so good to remember who we were and where we came from.

and yes... you are worthy. i'm glad you do accept it. i need to learn to embrace that the same way.

Heather said...

Thank you! It is good to tell stories on ourselves and our past:) I think the key to feeling and believing in our worthiness, is to surround ourselves with other women who insist that yes, we are. We all are!!