Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Week; New Challenges

It's the beginning of a new work week. All the changes made to support balance and family life and sustainability are in place -- this is the first week of putting them into practice. I'll be home in time to fix dinner and put my babies to bed. These sweet children who are growing up so fast and who blossom when their mama is able to spend a little time with them.
I'm excited. I feel as if things are finally right and that I'm on the cusp of truly discovering who I am as a therapist and, more importantly, a mother. There's a bit of anxiety that despite my certainty and planning, the pressure of the work will force me to push back constantly in order to maintain this new-found clarity.

So, I'm off. Wish me well. I hope to report a rewarding day that ends with loves and cuddles at home.

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Kim said...

You sound so peaceful in this post.. I hope that you enjoy this new journey..