Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mud Adventures

Last weekend, we took a walk at the nature park. Camera in hand and rubber boots on our feet. We dubbed our walk the "mud adventure" -- and boy, was it ever! Took Sis a bit to realize that her boots would protect her from the murky mud but once she did, it was a stomping good time!
On these types of walk, we keep a running tab of the animals and creatures we see. We saw 4 newts (this was the first), two deer, squirrels, ducks and possibly a chipmunk. We're still debating whether chipmunks are actually native to our area or if we saw a tiny squirrel . . .
It was a cloudy day but on occasion the sun would shine through and illuminate the beautiful ferns and lingering rain drops. This deer was hidden away so well that we almost missed him. He tolerated my tiptoeing not so subtly closer for a better photo.
Fun was had by all. The kids had to ride home in the van in their undies and socks due to all the mud stomping. That just adds to the adventure of it all!
It's been a long week without posts or photography. I feel a little parched and wrung out. How's that for a mixed metaphor? We have big plans to lay low today, take a drive, read stories, look for pictures to take, eat together. Gather ourselves together to tackle a new week with our priorities firmly intact.

I've been setting a single goal for myself each week since the New Year. My mantra is "I successfully balance my work and life." And each week, a new goal has moved me closer . . . This upcoming week will be the first with a new work schedule allowing me to be home in time for dinner and bed time. I'm relieved. There are many other changes that have been made in the process of redefining my role at work that I won't go into here. But I'm excited! My goals in the coming weeks will center more fully on my family. Things like home cooked meals in the evening, special time with each of my two tots, more stories at bed time, establishing routines for cleaning up toys and bedrooms, more quality time to talk with and enjoy my husband . . .

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bekkah said...

Fantastic shots...particularly that newt :)

Good luck with your goals and enjoy your new schedule. My husband and I both had ridiculous commutes for a very long time...started to feel like we owned a home just to have a place to sleep!? It's wonderful that you were able to work something out.