Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm struggling to feel too terribly creative at the moment -- likely because all my creative energies are funneled into my primary goal at the moment: Balance. This is the first week back to work after a two week break and how quickly all my new found clarity about what I and my family need is tested! But I'm staying strong and focused and know that once things settle out, I will have achieved my goal and will be able to turn my focus to other areas.
The rain has returned to the glorious Northwest and between storms, I ran into the backyard to capture the raindrops on the willow tree. The pictures don't do the sight justice. The long slender branches with glistening rows of drops. For about a moment, there was a whisper of sun that set the entire tree aglow. It was lovely. But alas, by the time this mama got her shoes on, sternly informed the children to stay indoors and got her bum outside with camera in hand, the clouds returned.

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Anonymous said...

i love photographing droplets after the rain. yours are lovely