Monday, January 11, 2010


The word of the month at Shutter Sisters is create. And it has been inspiring to see the images that others have been coming up with . . . beautiful and amazing. Art has been a biggie around our home for some time now. Hubby and Big D both got drawing pencils for Christmas and a typical Saturday or Sunday morning finds the whole family at the kitchen table creating in one way or another.
Yesterday, while I fiddled on the computer, hubby and Big D sketched while Little Sis played with stickers and an endless supply of paper. Side note: what does one do with the billions pieces of paper that are "gifts" from their children? We admire and then slyly dispose of them except that then they dig around in the trash! We have kid art displays that we try to refresh but that is simply not enough to contain the volume. And when you receive 20 pieces of the said art in a single morning, it can be a pit challenging.
When it comes to drawing or just about any other art form (barring photography), this mama is all thumbs. So my contribution to the family artistic endeavors has been a box of 96 colorful crayons and a book of prism designs to color. I love watching the combinations of colors take shape. And I love the big box of crayons. I guard is zealously from my grubby fingered children who are also fascinated by the large array of colors, never mind their own significant supply. Theirs is not as pretty now that the wrappers have been ripped and the crayons are at various stages of breakage.

I love the my children are growing up appreciating beauty and developing their own artistic skills. Big D is truly gifted, drawing images that amaze me given his age. And who knows what hidden skills Sis may have. I've read somewhere that all children believe they are artists early on and as the grow older, they become self-conscience and doubtful of themselves. When asked as older children, most will deny that they are artists. My hope is that we can continue to foster the joy in creating and the confidence to continue doing so.

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i started playing along with OWP too. uploaded my pictures last night.