Saturday, November 7, 2009


I've been dappling with the idea of Scrabble tiles for awhile. Yesterday was probably not the day to suddenly give in to my "inspiration." I've got a cold. Poor, pathetic me. My children were having a hard time maintaining an even keel AND I thought we should all tromp down to the park and try to capture a few pictures before the light disappeared. I crouched in the damp leaves while my offspring ran around swinging branches and hollering. My attention was divided, to say the least! But ultimately, I like idea and want to give it another go. Combining images seen in the mind's eye with words that describe some aspect of my response to them. 
I do love the fall  leaves and am saddened that so many trees are waving bare arms in the chilly wind. While they still last, I will rove with my camera and try to capture what I can to hold me through the long winter. 


Anonymous said...

hi there! havent been round for a while (sorry!) and am enjoying the new [posts and photos that i had missed. really like your header picture. and what a great idea with the scrabble tiles!

Kim said...

I too hate to see trees so bare for the winter.. Love that last shot of the leaves!!

georgia b. said...

every time i go to a garage sale, i ask if they have a scrabble game in the sale. i've bought several {maybe around seven or eight}, and they are usually around a dollar each. i plan to make a table with the wood pieces. one of my many projects that are perpetually on the back burner.

love the l.o.v.e photo!