Monday, November 9, 2009

A little Somethin' Somethin'

Here's what I've been working and stewing on for the last week or so. Not much to look at in the photos -- I had a sweet little model that was stubborn about holding still so I gave in and used my less than photogenic counter top and fluorescent lighting ;) The first pic is of old family photos that I've doctored up a bit and turned into magnets using bottle caps. The below also feature bottle caps -- there's a theme, you'll note. 
The pictures are from Christmas scrapbook papers and then there's the glitter and bling (um, beads) to complete the star ornaments. I'm tickled as can be with the finished effect. Of course, they aren't quite done. I need to trim the wires at the ends and attach ribbons . . . and find nifty boxes to gift them in. 
So watch ya think? I may not really want to know . . . You can lie. Its allowed in such situations. Preferred, really. You'd hate to squash my inner artist. 

My reluctant model is reluctantly laying, but not sleeping, in her bed. And its time to pick up the big boy. Where has the day gone? 


georgia b. said...

oh, my gosh! so adorable.

Hi Kooky said...

Hello! Just came over to take a look - the snowflakes are awesome! I've never seen anything like them. Keep up the good work! Love your photos too.