Friday, July 24, 2009

Zen To-do List

1. Sand and generally clean up used wooden dollhouse and accessories for my office . . . necessitating a trip to
2. Craft store run
3. Grocery shopping
4. Laundry 
5. Few odds and ends in paperwork
6. Adventuring at local water fountains for kid play and photo ops
7. Mow the lawn? we'll see.

And . . . 
1. Practice breathing when children begin fussing for no known reason prompting me to want to run screaming into my own bedroom
2. Put the to-do list aside when they are vying for my attention -- the rest can wait
3. Appreciate beauty wherever it might be -- like the sunflowers beginning to bloom in my overgrown backyard. Don't need to move to enjoy them!
4. Connect with friends.

Hope your day is full of just the sort of things and people you need today! Cheers.

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