Monday, July 27, 2009

Heat Wave and an Attitude Adjustment

The irony is not lost on me. I'm about to whine about an impending heat wave that I anticipate nearly being the death of me and my kin in our sweltering house . . . and it was only weeks ago that I was bemoaning cool, overcast skies.  But you don't understand (must imagine the long drawn out syllables of a fatally wronged child in mid-winge) . . . we don't have AC and with each day of exceedingly hot weather, the temp in the house builds, failing to recover fully with the drop in night time temps. Give us three days of high 90's/low 100's and our house temp will hover in the high 80's. And yes, children are starving in 3rd world countries and we should be grateful for the simple pleasure of water fountains and sprinklers. But I just want to sit in my misery for a bit. How's that for honest. PMS. That explains everything. And the heat. We escaped our house Saturday and spent a very pleasant couple of hours on the river. The children were in mud and sand heaven and we got to watch a drunk jet ski rider get arrested. Good fun! Man, I need an attitude adjustment. 
My sunflower garden! It's a bloom'n. I snuck out one evening last week to capture the light on the petals while hubby did the honors of bath time. Never fear, karma bit me in the hind quarters by way of large, white, preternaturally freaky spider perched on one of the flowers. Should say crouching on one of the flowers, posed for imminent attack. It eyed me and my camera lens as if ready to launch itself on a kamikaze mission. I backed away slowly and thought I had averted certain spider death when I felt a light tickle on my shoulder -- not the same spider but surely a disgruntled relative. Knocked that sucker to the ground and stomped him good. Apparently hubby had finished baths and watch my little spider dance/shriek routine from the kitchen window. 

Putting aside my snarky attitude for a bit, I have made progress on renovating the wooden doll house that I intend to take to word. Sanded yesterday and today will cover some of the walls with a sweet rosebud print contact paper. I also plan to add a few decorative touches and sand the few pieces of furniture that I have at this point. Still on the hunt for used doll house furniture on craigslist. I'll be sure to post pics of this little feat in "home improvement" when it is done!

Despite my anticipation of doom and much sweating, the morning is beautiful and I think I'll drag my tots out to enjoy it while we can!

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