Saturday, June 20, 2009

Super Heros!

I make it habit of checking in to see what photographic challenge the Shutter Sisters have posted -- not that I've been a very active participant of late. Today's theme was Superhero and just as I was wondering if there was some way to get my little rug rats to pose for me, they slapped on the bike helmets and began racing around the house in a dump truck. There's a word for that. Wait. It'll come. Um. Fortuitous! 

Yesterday I bought a doodle book for Big D. He's quite the budding artist! which is exciting for me as I have still to master the stick person. Anyway, one of the fun prompts was to draw a picture of his hero. He said that Jesus was his hero . . . the sweetness and innocence of his response was touching. Of late, I've been feeling a bit of spiritual ambiguity but regardless of my uncertainty I couldn't ask for a more noble and admirable hero for my child to look up to. Sure beats the pants off of Sponge Bob! 


georgia b. said...

your little super heroes are so cute.

robin laws said...

"beats the pants off of sponge bob"....sorry but isn't sponge bob identity pretty much connected to his pants? maybe i don't know about these things ;) fortuitous and being ready with your eye and camera! good work!