Friday, June 19, 2009

Life's Balance Sheet

I intended to finally get around to sharing the fun pics and stories of Big D's 6th birthday and end of school year festivities and then life came along and slapped me around a bit. So I sit in front of my computer feeling a little stunned and scared and sad. It occurs to me that in Life's Balance Sheet, the good still outweighs the "Big Scary" stuff so I'll try to remind myself of things that are good and whole and healthy. And apparently I'll describe everything in "threes!" Let me start with the good stuff . . . Big D turned 6 on June 10th, the second to last day of his kindergarten year. They ended the year with parties and a field trip to a local farm to plant pumpkins. Apparently in the fall, he can go back and pick one of the pumpkins he planted! How great is that? 
His official B-day party was Friday and a couple of his buddies from school came to celebrate with a water fight and cake and general silliness. My parents came into town just as the party was underway and joined right in -- my family is known for our crazy water play and the kids loved being able to attack the grandparents with buckets of water:) Have you all noticed that kids clump all grandparents into the same benign group of adults? Big D's friends showed no hesitation in including my parents in their fun. 
We rounded out the weekend with a family barbecue with both sets of grandparents, more cake and, of course, gifts. Big D got his new two-wheeler . . . and he was thrilled and terrified! It's a bit bigger than the old one and he's still adjusting. Can you tell?
This past week the kiddos started a Montessori school together. They'll be going 3 days a week while I work. They LOVE it and the teachers tell us that they play well together. They are in a sweet place in their sibling relationship. They regularly tell us they are best friends and they have all sorts of imaginative play. Oh sure, they occasionally hit and squabble and drive me mad but I hope the companionship outweighs the tussles in the end.
On the other side of the balance sheet -- well, the IRS wrote us a love letter proclaiming their interest in having more of our money. A lot of it. Hubby is pretty sure that they are in error and has written his own love letter in reply. I find the whole idea of the IRS terrifying and can't wait to have this resolved, ideally with our bank account intact. I'm the money man in our family except when it comes to taxes so I have no control in this matter. Good? Bad? Mostly undecided. The other line item on my mind is that a close and very dear friend of mine is having a health scare. (My dear, if you're reading this, I'm not stressing out. Really.) I'm planning on flying over there to help keep an eye on the kids and house and offer whatever support I can while she has surgery, etc. 


Anonymous said...

what a change in expression in Big D in the last two pictures! Enjoy!

robin laws said...

you do have quite a mix on your plate. i can relate to your terror of the IRS but remember they play the role of Big Bad Wolf very well. they mean to scare you. sorry if anyone who works for the IRS reads Heather's blog. i could be terribly misinformed ;) hope your friend's situation turns out for the best. you are good best friend.

robin laws said...

p.s. i don't know if you realize it but...the scrap kit that was sent to you was created by my friend and artist mo jackson. she kindly (and thrillingly for me) made this kit with me in mind, naming it FOM Robin. that stands for "friend of mo" she asked me if there was anyone i wanted to have this and you came to mind immediately. very cute eh? i created a birthday card for rachel using the included sky paper and the tree, hanging birthday candles and flowers all over it.