Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 2 -- sort of

Let's see, where did we leave off in the weekend saga? Oh yes, laboring in the yard and the first barbecue of the season! We got the grass seed planted and a good portion of the path laid. Of course it's anyone's guess when the rest of the path will be completed . . . The highlight of the day was purchasing a used 17ft canoe off craigslist. It kept the kids entertained in the backyard while we worked! Unfortunately, didn't get any pictures of the young pirates/fishermen/adventures of various types. Our hope is to spend quite a bit of time exploring the lakes and waterways around PDX this summer. I have fond memories of canoe camping trips as a kid and am still a water fiend.
Back to the barbecue -- we packed way too much into a single day so the prep was a bit rushed. Fortunately we have good friends who don't mind making an emergency trip to the grocery story for vegeburgers or waiting on meal prep! The kids ran around, kicking soccer balls and occasionally each other. Accidentally, of course:) They were bribed with ice cream to pose for mommy. I was experimenting with the wonderful evening light but my window of opportunity was a bit small and the subjects more than a little wound up!
I love this pic of Sweet Sis running into the light! It was a lovely evening and a good reminder that these things don't have to be perfectly planned or orchestrated. More often than not, I approach the weekend tired and reluctant to have people over or commit to outings, etc. Its a shame -- we all benefit when we relax with friends and get our silly on.
As an aside, Big D is without training wheels! He's a little hesitant but the promise of a new bike for his 6th birthday is highly motivating.
And Little Sis is peddling on her own. They're growing up!


Chris said...

These are adorable photos! :) It's so cute to see them exploring new territory and just being kids.

georgia b. said...

precious moments captured.