Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

My goals were simple for this weekend: revel in my family, soak up the sun (with appropriate SPF protection, of course) and beautify the backyard. So far, we're right on track! Saturday found us traipsing around a rhododendron garden, snapping pics of blooms and baby ducks, only occasionally being terrorized by Canadian Geese. I feel as if I aught to know the names of some of these lovely flowers -- such as the one above. The long, delicate stems of blossoms tucked on the underside of luxurious green leaves . . . We had a lovely picnic, a family nap and a trip to the famed "Pirate Park." We are making a return trip there this afternoon for hours of sand/water fun.  
When Hubby and I were cycling -- pre kids, the fields of clover were always intriguing. They give off a lovely, warm, sweet smell and the color is stunning. They have come into bloom in the last week or so and I've wanted to get a more up-close-and-personal look at them. They do not disappoint! 
And finally, a shot of the little darlings . . . I had hoped to capture more of their fluffy cuteness but my own little duckies seemed to send them scurrying away. Oh well. Speaking of which . . . 

Big D has developed the habit of speaking in a silly, baby voice and is driving me over the brink. I think that I'd be a wealthy women or at least able to by myself a nice new pair of jeans if I got a dollar for how many times I say "Your Big Boy voice" in a single day! The irony is that I know if I just ignored the behavior it'd probably extinguish itself -- the more attention I give it, the more stuck it becomes. But it's driving me CRAZY! And Sis is her delightful sweetness except when she's not:) I could get some fabulous new shoes if I got a buck for every time I tell her to "Try that again. Talk nice." Oy! 

Having my own children has, I hope, made me a better therapist. I work with some young female therapists who have not had children yet and there is sometimes a parent-blaming tone in their voices as they present their cases. They just don't know yet how humbling being a mother can be -- that the most educated, skilled parents still feel like pulling their hair out and selling their children on the street corner. Self-doubt is a regular feature of this whole mother-experience. Often I think, "There but by the grace of God go I" as I listen to the stories families share. 

Today is the yard work portion of the weekend. We are planting grass seed and laying out a path . . . I'm also planting some Fox Gloves! Yea! I've been admiring some stunning plants of my neighbor and now I'll try my own hand with them. I was a little disheartened to discover they are poisonous. Digitalis. EECK. We'll be having the "don't eat the plants" chat later today!


georgia b. said...

these photos are outstanding!

i love the word revel and love when i see it used.

your weekend sounds lovely.

i did not know you are a therapist. it seems like such an amazing vocation. i appreciate what you said about seeing things different once you've had children of your own. i don't have kids yet, so i know that i often tend to be critical of mothers—even in my own family—about how they are raising their kids. this helps me to remember that it always seems so simple when it's someone else's kids. i should not be so quick to judge.

have a great rest of the weekend!

Teresa said...

Enjoying your post today and the photos. Being a mother is always hard, hard work; but lately, I'm so ovewhelmed. My oldest is 18 and graduating. Hopefully we will both survive the new life he will have.

Anonymous said...

great goals to have! love these photos.

Chris said...

This is great. The photos are gorgeous!

I love reading about you being a mom and what that entails. I'm entering that territory soon (I hope) and I'm both scared and delighted. So it's inspiring to see someone talk about this and photography and other topics I relate to. I'm glad I came across your blog :)

robin laws said...

i saw those very clover fields but didn't stop. now i wish i had...what a great perspective :) and the babies..awww... they are so soft looking. i bet the garden is looking great!