Monday, January 5, 2009


Finally, my first "scrapbook" page using Elements. I know you can't actually read it . . . that'll be the next step. Making it bigger without it being "too" big to load. 

I know making resolutions is supposed to be taboo and really, it is. What's the point of resolving to do all these wonderful things for ourselves and others only to fail? Except we never plan on failing! We expect that we will accomplish at least some of the things on our list and if the gods are kind, we'll forget about the others. Fortunate for me, I can already check of #1 and the list itself is proof that I'm working on another. 

Which will be the most difficult for me? The last. I think that feeling rotten about the aesthetics of my body (vs. its relative health) is my "burden to bear." Some sort of self-righteous flagellation. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy . . . turn away from my horridness. What would happen if I chose to give up this idea of my body as flabby and unattractive and embraced it? God, the earth would quit spinning on its axis! Maybe this is the year the earth will stand still:) 


robin laws said...

i love the last sentence! maybe this is the year the earth will stand a good thing!! it just may be that this is your year for that to change too :) i think it is already changing don't you? when there are so many other things that make me happy i have less time to examine, fret and judge my looks. you are going to be one happily busy girl this year!

robin laws said...

p.s. whoops forgot to say... nice first scrapbook page post :) all i had to do was click on it and it got bigger.