Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mini Saga #1 -- "Pets"

Going back to the book I discussed yesterday, A Whole New Mind, and the 6 senses the author describes . . . You're on the edge of your seat, aren't you:) He describes "story" as an integral means of understanding our world and our experiences. He makes the case that "facts" and "details" are easily managed in our electronic age but that narrative still relies upon our human creativity. Story is not merely objective but also subjective, putting the details into the context of emotional experience. This harkens back to the idea of universal myths -- hero stories and the like. 

This strikes a chord with this defunct high school English teacher and I am inspired to try the exercises he recommends for developing my own sense of "story." Well, I should add the "story" is integral still in my profession -- I listen to and help clients rework their own personal narratives, discovering their strengths and innate abilities to craft a life that is whole and healthy and happy. But I think I am ready to explore more of this "story" ability by writing my own little, mini actually, stories. 

The goal is to write an entire story in 50 words . . . . so here goes my first!

Big D found two adventuring earwigs and made them his pets, dubbing them Charlie and Crystal. He fed them applesauce and stared forlornly at them in their glass cup, complaining, "Mommy won't let me have a dog." Reluctantly he freed the near dead bugs into the backyard grass. Farewell bug pets.

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