Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beautiful Eyes

Participating today in the photography challenge at iheartfaces. The prompt is "Beautiful Eyes." Everywhere I go with my children, people comment on their eyes. They are beautiful -- blue, clear, vibrant. I can be a little bias, however.

I, also, have blue eyes. Growing up this was a singular and unusual trait . . . both of my parents and my sibling had brown eyes. It felt special to be unique in this way. It created some amusement; however, when I began to repeat as a toddler the facetious story that I "got my blue eyes form the mail man." :)


My Captivating Life said...

LOL! I have 4 children and one of them has green eyes and the other has hazel eyes, the remaining two have brown eyes. The funny thing is I have brown eyes and their Dad is Asian. :) LOL! We use to say they belonged to the UPS man. :) Your cutie does have some pretty blue eyes. :)

Vincent Davis said...

You are right: she does have gorgeous blue eyes. Before my cousin Sam gave birth, we were expecting the baby to have brown eyes since we all have brown eyes on our side of the family. But as it turned out, baby Brad took after his father who has hazel green eyes.

Deji said...
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