Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Beginnings

I've been away from this blog and photography for quite some time. So many distractions. Good ones! Exciting changes and new beginnings under way!

I've begun my own private practice and just before the holidays, I left my job so that I could concentrate on my own enterprise full time. It is exhilarating and terrifying. Inspiring and exhausting. For several months, the details of finding an appropriate space, establishing the business part of the practice and beginning to develop referral sources was all-consuming. And now I can feel the energy building and the practice is growing, bit by bit.

One of the many reasons that I took this step was to nurture balance in my life. Already I've attended field trips with my children that previously I would not have been able to! I look forward to actually sticking to the weekly menu I outline and family dinners at the table. Oh, and photography and creativity! So much to look forward to. An adventure to be sure!

What have you been up to while I've been away? New adventures of your own?


georgia b. said...

beautiful photo!

congrats on the new practice. that is awesome! i would be scared out of my socks to start something like that. but i have wanted to for so long! courage, courage, courage. that's what i need. hats off to you!!

well, you already know what i've been up to while you were away. : )

can't wait to see more from you here. happiest of new years to you!

Cindy Knull said...


Congratulations on finding new balance. Sometimes it takes a while to find it. I've done my own soul searching this year. And rendered some things useless, therefore they had to go. It's a hard thing at first because some of my choices in finding balance was to let go of certain people. Time reveals that I made the right decisions. I have more peace in my life. Glad you're back to blogging and sharing what you have. :)