Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach Adventures

Last weekend we loaded into the car for a quick, nearly spontaneous trip (I'm not real good with spontaneous -- it was a personal growth opportunity:) to the beach. We met friends and while the daddies played with the children, the mamas went running. We ran, on the beach no less, for nearly an hour. Oh my. Good for training, casual girl talk and appreciating several miles of a lovely beach!
All done and sweaty and cooling rapidly, I grabbed just a very few pictures of my sweet children in the evening light. 

We live so close -- just an hour and some change, yet we rarely make the trip. Hubby and I said repeatedly that we will take the kids to the beach more often this summer. It is often gorgeous and just right when things are steamy at home. 

Today is meant to be hubby's and my introduction to windsurfing . . . it's raining, of course. It seems as if the rain will never stop her in the Northwest! Oh. My. Goodness. Crossing our fingers for a fun and productive day on the river. And that the kids don't lose their ever-livin' minds in the back of the van. They certainly have a enough toys and games stashed away to entertain them while their parents flop about in the water. Expect a full report and potentially embarrassing photos to come!

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