Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sun Breaks

Yesterday was full of dramatic shifts in light with passing clouds of various density. We decided to explore a new nature park and boy did we find some wonderful things! As an aside, we finally identified what Poison Oak looks like . . . still waiting to see if evidence will show up on our skin!
The first find was hummingbird perched atop a tree, fluttering his wings in the breeze. I attempted to capture his fleeting beauty but was too far away and not quick enough . . . I do so much better with stationary objects!
We saw a wonderful profusion of wildflowers and creeping vines . . . didn't too close once we heeded the warnings about the Poison Oak. In fact, once I got home, I examined my photos with the kids to see if they were sitting in it! Fortunately, looks like they missed it. 
It was a lovely afternoon with tremendous views. Rolling hills, dramatic cloud banks, bursts of sun . . . bird songs and children's gibberish and laughter. 
It is Sunday again. How well did I meet my goals from last week? Its a work in progress. It's about the little steps moving in the self-appointed direction. Always balancing the priorities against each other. I did meet my training goals, some of my meditation goals and missed by a bit my goal to continue reducing TV. But it is Sunday again. The start of another week. Another opportunity to play this game and move closer to the goal!

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georgia b. said...

beautiful iris!

good for you... keep going. i accomplished only one of my goals for the weekend, so i feel a little frustrated going into the week. but i'm giving myself some grace, 'cause it was kind of a hard weekend.

have a great week, heather!