Friday, May 21, 2010

Lazy Rainy Day

I'm sitting at the kitchen table listening to Little Sis tell herself stories and play contentedly in the other room. There is a light rain and a chill in the air. Dramatic shift from the sun and warmth this past weekend. Spring in the Northwest. It has been a long couple of weeks with sick kiddos, prep to give a two-day training and general upkeep and maintenance. I'm plum tuckered out and am having a heck of a time motivating to do the Friday chores. Perhaps I won't fight it. Perhaps I'll sit down with the stack of magazines that have accumulated over the last few weeks, a cozy blanket and drift in and out of a lazy afternoon. This assumes, of course, that the wee one will cooperate and that I can tolerate the dust bunnies! In all likelihood, it'll be the dust bunnies and empty fridge that will motivate me out of this chair. 

1 comment:

georgia b. said...

some times the chores must wait. i hope you relaxed and enjoyed the day... we just don't do that enough,i think.

lovely photo... seems to go perfectly with the mood of this post.