Sunday, May 16, 2010

Color and Creativity

Life has been full and busy. Work has crept into the edges, taking the bits and pieces left over after a long day . . . next week a coworker and I will give a 2 day training for our colleagues. It is a lot of work to pull together the materials and what-not for such an event! I'll be relieved when it is done and I can spend my spare time on more creative and rewarding activities. Well, that's not entirely true. I am a teacher at heart and I have enjoyed creating the presentation. Its the age-old dilemma: Choosing one thing means deferring another.
Yesterday the family and I basked the in the sun, playing at the park, walking and taking pictures. It could be true that I mostly appreciated that last activity! Little Sis had been sick this week with croup. Sunday night found Hubby with her at the ER while I stayed with brother at home. She hasn't slept well all week and of course, neither have we. My father in-law came down from Seattle on Wednesday night so that he could watch us on Thursday. So grateful. 
Yesterday we laid low. Played at the park. Walked. Took pictures. We had warm, sunny weather and all of Portland seemed to be outdoors. I kept up with my training and ran 6.5 miles at pretty good clip. Funny how my legs are feeling a little wobbly today!
Clouds are expected today but not before some yard work and planting. Sundays are such a hodge podge of activities. Laundry, yard work, errands, prep for the work and school week. 

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