Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely Day

It was a busy, busy weekend. Little Sis celebrated her 4th birthday with family on Saturday. It was quite the "Fancy Nancy" affair. Pics to follow shortly . . . and that afternoon, after dropping my dad off at the airport for his return flight, we headed to Forest Park for some picture taking. 
I wanted to see what kind of light I might find at that time of day as the next day, I was to take pics of a coworkers newly three-year old son. What I found was lovely! Apparently I'm a little partial to sun flare. Though I can imagine some well-meaning person thinking some terrible accident had marred the photos!

Big D was in fine silly form as usual. Initially both of my children played hard to get while mama tried to take their pictures. I was getting a wee bit huffy! Then some running and rolling down the hill seemed to joggle their helpfulness back into position.

I wish I was a better person when life becomes chaotic and unpredictable. This was a beautiful weekend - celebrating a sweet girly girl. I so enjoyed baking her cake and fixing her birthday lunch. And I enjoyed seeing her grandparents and brother join in the fun with her. But I also watched myself become more edgy and irritable. Why is that? Oh, I know why. I just don't like the answer. It's my struggle to stay present in the moment. To be responsive and flexible to what the moment demands without getting sucked into thinking and feeling the demands of what the next moment might present. 

I'm working on it. Right now in this moment, I'm enjoying my cup of coffee, listening to the dryer and appreciating the spring rain falling outside the window. In a moment, the kids will pop out of bed like energizer bunnies and we'll be off . . . 

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