Thursday, March 18, 2010

Little Sis and Daddy

Ah, beautiful sun today. When I came home from work, I found my family on the back porch, soaking it up like cats. Well, one of my cats was a bit sulky because he was supposed to be doing homework! Notice his absence from the photos . . . oh dear.
My dear hubby is so delightfully photogenic. And game to do just what I ask. He and Little Sis are good sports -- though it is not hard, at all, for the two of them to ham it up together. She is in love with her daddy! And he with her. 
We have a weekend of sun and mild temperatures in our forecast. We have plans to spend time with friends, kitty-sit for another friend and do a little Spring Cleaning. Feels good to air the house out, tidy the closets and plan for the coming season of warm outdoor fun. 


John said...

Ahhh. You bring me such beauty. Not only you, but our hoppy little sissy as well. Then you go around and take these beautiful pictures of it all so I can see it again.

georgia b. said...

no. 1 pic... so so precious and beautiful. what a moment!

{oh, love the colors in your daffodil shot, too.}