Sunday, February 28, 2010

Theme Develops

I have to begin by saying, what the heck happened to blogger overnight? Oh my. This will take a little getting used to.  Yesterday found us back at Forest Park on a walk with another family. This time with camera in tow. And guess what I found! A fire hydrant in the most unlikely place. 

Everyone gathered around looking a bit stupefied while I snapped a few pictures of the oddly placed and artistically rusted and moss-endowed hydrant. Since taking my first hydrant shots a few weeks back, I see them everywhere! Saw three on the back of a truck the other day. Two red and one yellow. Wish I had my camera . . . 

Of the three different processing choices, which is your favorite? I'm feeling a little partial to the fading vignette on the last one. I've begun to discover my personal "style" -- turns out I like colors that pop and a more gritty feel. I admire the soft pastels and faded colors of many of the photographers I follow . . . seems those aren't the pictures I've taken recently. Hmm. Guess I'll see what draws my eye and allow this new sense of myself as an artist to develop!


georgia b. said...

i seriously cannot pick which one is my favorite. when i am looking at one, i think, "oh, that's definitely my favorite!" but then i scroll to another, and i think, "wait... no that one is..." and so on. i truly can't pick. i DO love them all! who'da thunk a fire hydrant could look so lovely? great job on all three!

Heather said...

Oh, thank you, Georgia! You are so kind:)