Monday, February 8, 2010

More of the Same

Yesterday after the crazy of 7 year old parties and family hair cuts were out of the way -- we took the kids to ride their bikes in an empty parking lot. The idea was that I would continue reading about close-up photography and watch from the front seat of the car. In actuality, I provided an immense distraction for Little Sis! Every few feet, she would stop, command my immediate attention and then run back to the car to check in. It was very sweet. I had to warn her to watch where she was going many, many times as she veered in the direction of the car, grinning broadly and saying, "Look, mama! Look!" Another endearing behavior was making her way around the car, opening each door and popping her head in to say, "I'll be back when I'm done, ok mommy? I"ll be right back."
Big D has gained significant confidence and was tearing all over the place. He would occasionally turn too sharply and take a tumble but he is light years beyond where we ended last summer. Last week, he was riding in the same parking lot with daddy and really enjoyed the speed bumps. Only problem was that he would close his eyes! That is apparently resolved now.
With all this cuteness on two wheels, you would be justified to wonder why I was taking pictures of a fire hydrant! Just trying my hand at the techniques in Understanding Close-Up Photography (mentioned in last post). I'm excited! It has me thinking about all sorts of themes and ideas for photography projects.


georgia b. said...

who would have ever thought rust could be so photographable? i love pictures of rust. i just saw another on another blog. and i've always like the ones i take. you would think those would not be pretty images to look at. but somehow they are. these are wonderful!

sorry i have not stopped by in so long. i've not quite been myself lately or doing the same things i usually do... including visiting my favorite blogs.

it's time to catch up.

Heather said...

I'm suddenly "seeing" rust in all its strange beauty all over the place -- and fire hydrants. Who knew they made them in such different shapes in colors? Not that I've done more than notice as I pass by. Need to revisit them with camera in hand!

So good to have you back and I sympathize. I'm taking advantage of this three day weekend to try to get caught up and back in touch myself.