Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's Your Play #80

Playing with Laura at Dolcepics today. There's something about this water spigot -- as soon as this challenge was posted, I knew I wanted to play with the blue color, rusty screw in the center and the simplicity of the image.
So, I'm still playing with using textures and layers . . . I couldn't tell you what combination of all sorts of things I tried with these two variations. I'm more partial to the first -- I like the more grungy feel and more vivid colors.
Another successful day! Home in time for dinner and special time with the kids. Change is such an interesting process. Its exciting and yet anxiety producing. I've come to anticipate whiplash-like bouts of self-doubt as part of recalibrating, readjusting -- even to the most longed-for changes. Its just human nature. I tell clients to expect things to get harder before they get better. Its momentum. Changing direction mid race, throws you off your pace and you may stumble a bit before you hit your stride again. I've been tripping over my feet today. Struggling to define myself in this new role and having to remind myself that things will once again settle into a rhythm.


Unknown said...

Oooh - the last one is my favorite! It's like you're looking out the window, on a rainy day...Nice!

Killlashandra said...

I like that second one, very nice edit. :)

Ah and change always require further adaption and it does get easier.

laurahana said...

I love the textures and how you implemented them on this image. They go very well together. Thanks for playing Heather!