Friday, December 18, 2009

Owlish Good Time

Last night was Big D's Christmas program and he was in owlish form . . . He and all his little K-2nd grade buddies were in costume as various barn yard animals and fowl. There were a few angels thrown in for good form. It was very sweet and he did so well with his lines: "Who, who are you? And why are you here?"
Apparently my little dude took a tumble off the risers in rehearsal but there were no repeat occurances during the performance. He was a bit distracted by his wings and their tendency to slip down his arms.
Did I mention he's a ladies' man? Oh my. They flock to him. This little gal is just about his speed. Funny faces and striking poses.
We had to test out the costume at home, of course. I've been shocked by his sensitivity to what others' think. I mean, I expected that but I didn't think we'd have worries about being laughing at such a young age. Here he is checking out his reflection in the bathroom mirror. I was relieved that the finished look passed his inspection as I didn't have any back up plans.
Today was the first day of two weeks away from work. Ah. I'm beginning to feel the reality seek in . . . today got a little done around the house, laid down with the kids for a rest (no one actually slept, stinkers) and now hubby and I will work on wrapping packages. I'm looking forward to baking with the kids, checking out a few holiday sites in town and preparing yummy food. And did I mention sleep, read and exercise? Slow down and breath? That does sound a bit oxymoronic, doesn't it?

Hope you are all warm, comfy and enjoying yourselves this Friday evening.

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georgia b. said...

great shots of what looks to be a very precious and memorable event!