Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Lens to Me!

Rather than launch into a recital of the last week's events -- what with the in-laws, the cooking and the general insanity of having 11 people in my home only, oh say, 2 of which I'm terribly familiar with -- I thought I'd share my new Birthday lens with you! 
All of these pics are SOOC and are my first experiments with my 50mm 1.4G lens . . . fun, fun, fun! I tinkered and fiddled and even took the lens on our annual trip to the Zoo Lights. 
I have to admit that I thought it'd be a breeze to slip the new lens on and start snapping lovely indoor/low light shots. But I discovered there's a learning curve to finding the correct focus and accounting for the shallow DOF. Working on it . . . and then there's the art of being more discerning in selecting which lens to use for a given image. 
I enjoy setting a lovely table for holiday dinners. Why we wait for an occasion to pull out our pretty china and flatware, I don't know. It's a waste, really. I know its not time for resolutions just yet but I'd like to resolve to celebrate more often with friends and family. Perhaps a few new holidays will have to be established. Hmm. Going to have to give that some thought. 
I will regal you all with stories and photos from Thanksgiving. For now, suffice it to say that it went well, there's much to be thankful for and once the vege-turkey found its way into the fridge, we pulled out the Christmas decorations. In fact, as I type, the kiddos are watching a Disney Christmas sing-along DVD. Such happy music! Cheers. 

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i love the colours of the first and last ones here!