Sunday, November 1, 2009


After a week of illness and the like, Halloween snuck up on our family . . . Little Sis had a costume, had one for several weeks in fact. And lest you think this is a sign of favoritism, it was simply her dance leotard plus a borrowed pair of wings and her rain boots. Nothing fancy, folks. Certainly nothing I'd go out and buy! But Big D had been neglected. We don't go in for all the supernatural dark stuff of Halloween -- so no vampires, witches, ghosts or ghouls. Ends up being kinda limiting, really. As you can see, we opted for a brown paper bag, some pipe cleaners, construction paper and tape. Do I totally suck? I think its kinda cute. 
Clearly the more energetic of my children was the one in the pink number. She raced back and forth across our porch, demonstrated some "dance" moves from ballet. I've never taken ballet but I'm thinking her moves are uniquely her own:) 

Lots of jumping, leaping and hip waggling. I'm not sure how we'd classify her costume -- part super hero, part fairy and part hip hop ballet dancer. The rain boots just kill me. 
We hit a hand full of houses before retiring home to mind our own front door. Kids were over the moon with excitement -- the candy, oh my. I really appreciated that some of our neighbors gave stickers and crayons rather than the traditional sugar high. Nice thinking! There were two families that attempted to make an Avon or Party Lite connection by passing out catalogues. Um, interesting. 
All in all, a nice evening. Nice to see entire families in the streets, laughing, talking and getting to know each other. I may not be keen on the general themes of Halloween but I love the sense of community that it can engender. Its a shame we don't have more rituals that bring families into the streets with their neighbors. 

Today is scheduled for chores, Christmas craftiness and house projects. In fact, need to drag myself away from the computer and get cracking!

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robin laws said...

yes.... i missed out on those 'classical' ballet moves too. she has something to teach us in terms of putting on the moves in boots ;) so serious in her gymnastic looking efforts :-|