Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WYP #67

Running a little low on inspiration in the last few days so very glad to play with Laura's photo! Adjustments were crop, levels, contrast and then adding a very unreal sun flare. Sorry, purists! 
Here's the original -- I'm intrigued by the spot of purple in the bottom right corner. Flowers, perhaps? 

It's raining, hard. I'm on my last cup of coffee before heading out for early morning meetings and clients. I'm feeling a dread of winter creeping into my bones. Of making my way under my raincoat hood to my car, trying not to feel and look like a drowned rat. Isn't that a lovely visual image. Quick, look at the pictures above and it'll go away! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Heather! I like the sun flare and how you brought out the purple in the corner. I hadn't even noticed that before. Thanks for playing!

puna said...

Oh my, look what you did! I love it. Especially the flare.

robin laws said...

you seem to be the only one not in love with your flare. i too saw that purple flare and though how perfectly the sun was cooperating with the photographer!

Killlashandra said...

I like the flare too. Adds a bit of depth to the picture. :)