Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Caught in Flight

My dad and I stalked this beautiful Blue Heron this weekend . . . we saw the hapless fellow enjoying himself beside the pond and gradually snuck up on him, snapping pictures along the way. And of course, he took off, seeking some solitude on the other side of the water. We were not to be deterred. Little Sis and Nana trooped around the pong and startled the frustrated bird into flight, again. 
I'd love to be able to take crisp action shots of wildlife but I find it extremely challenging. These two are the best of the lot and I still used PSE to blur the background and make the bird himself pop out. Don't look too close or you'll see that my selection skills need fine tuning! 

Today is the start of another work week. Big D has is still down with the flu and hubby is staying with him so I can go to work . . . which I wish I was feeling more energetic about. I feel out of sync. Like I'm out of step with the expectations and demands of the systems I work within. Ah, well. This too shall pass. It usually does. Perhaps growing pains. Perhaps indication that a shift is needed -- what exactly, I'm not sure. 

Cross your fingers for us that the rest of the family can avoid the piggy bug!

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robin laws said...

i would never have known you doctored these in photoshop. they are beauties indeed! i wish i could have ever gotten half this close and sharp! girl you are too hard on yourself by far! i LOVE these! and the story too of the family efforts in the 'capture'.