Thursday, September 24, 2009

WYP #64

Ok, let me see if I can explain my steps with this photo edit . . . you know what they say, you learn best when you try to teach/explain the process to someone else. First, made a mask of the owl and then intensified that using the hard light filter several times. Then, I think, I simplified the layers and used the filter at a reduced opacity for the whole deal. I bet that's as clear as mud which would be an accurate depiction of my brain at the moment! 

It's been a long work week and it's not quite over. Today to go and then, hopefully, a little down time at home. I work very long hours two days of my 3-day work week so that I can leave early enough on the last to pick up the kids and spend some time with them in the evening. Last week a crisis came up that kept me in the office and prevented me from writing my notes . . . meaning that I started this work week with a day of late notes to write and long days of client hours and meetings. I hate to be behind. And let me tell you, things are hopping. School's been in session for a couple of weeks, long enough for parents and teachers to remember how difficult a child's behaviors really are when they are stressed by the demands of the school day. And parents' behaviors are stressed by their child's, their family's dire financial straits and their own mental health issues. 

Heading out the door now. Looking forward to a friend's baby shower this weekend, working on a school project with Big D and looking for some pictures of the newly changing leaves. Ah, sounds lovely!

Heading out the door


georgia b. said...

i did not realize that was an owl until i read what you wrote. how neat!

i love your new look and your new banner! you did a great job! it's fun, no?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to mask the owl and intensify the colours and contrast just on that to bring it out from the leaves. Looks great! I still have to do my edit. :)

Michelle said...

Heather I really love what you did with this picture.

Jaime said...

There's just something about owls. Maybe it's because we don't see them in broad daylight all that often, but they are so beautiful and mysterious. And this one looks a wee bit shy too!