Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Soccer: It Begins!

This past Friday was Big D's first soccer game of the season. And it was a double-hitter folks -- not to mix sports or anything. You might remember that last season found my little monkey hanging off the goal posts and staring obliviously about the field while the ball practically bounced off his shins. Things didn't seem so different at first this year . . . 
I watched, slightly amused and a little horrified, while my son tangled himself up in the net and chest-bumped his buddies and was generally checked out. It's an interesting struggle for me on the sidelines. I don't want to be an obnoxious parent, hollering and armchair coaching. I LOVE sports and playing them and I want my son to enjoy them, too. But he's 6. Be patient, mom. Anyway, somewhere towards the end of game one, he actually kicked the ball. In the right direction. And he was on fire!
Suddenly my lackadaisical boy was shouting at the coach from the sidelines, "Coach, can I get back in the game?" He was cheering his buddies on, watching the ball and excited to play more, more, more. Apparently, he had not really understood the point of practices (running and drills, oh my) and expected games to be similar. It was literally as if the light had gone on and the whole point of the game became clear . . . 

Each day after school, we've started the habit of asking Big D to share his 5 favorite things about the day. This week, it's been "thinking about soccer" among other things. He woke this morning asking if today was practice. No, my lad. Tomorrow. And I'm so glad you are having fun!

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