Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall is at the Door

Fall is standing at the door, peering in on dancing toes -- anxious to make an entrance. The trees are beginning to turn and the evening air is crisp. We had plans to sand the deck and invited hubby's parents up for the weekend to help with the project. Wouldn't you know it, after a week of clear, warm weather, it rained most of Saturday. After naps, we decided to head out into the cloudy afternoon to see the newly opened Africa exhibit at the zoo. I love big cats and our zoo now has two lions! But alas, the zoo is on winter hours and closed just minutes before we arrived.  Confound it. Instead, we took the grandparents on a tour of Forest Park and snapped pictures along the way. 
All was not lost -- on Sunday morning, Summer pushed back on the encroaching Fall and we got most of the deck sanded. Now the race is on to see whether we can treat the wood before the rain and damp start in earnest. 
In all, it was a good and productive weekend. I joined forces with hubby and father-in-law and ran the sanders for a good part of the afternoon. Now, of course, I can feel every conceivable muscle on the right side of my body. Who knew that your abs would get such a work out with a belt sander! In the midst of the dusty mess in the backyard, still got most of the laundry folded and a good chunk out of The Lost Symbol read (i.e. new book by Dan Brown). 

Nothing profound today. Used up all my quality brain power over the weekend. Deep thoughts will have to come later - perhaps when the lactic acid goes its merry way. 

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Beautiful photos!