Monday, August 10, 2009


This weekend found us attempting a little family art using lotsa shaving cream and food die. The idea was from Family Fun, a great little magazine full of craft and activity ideas. Project involved smoothing the shaving cream in a cookie tray, dotting and swirling with food color and then pressing white card stock on top . . . 
Now, there are a few kinks in the otherwise fabulous execution of the project -- the first being the use of a squeegee to "smooth" the shaving cream. It is my humble experience that shaving cream does not want to be smoothed so do the best you can! 
Shaving cream appeared everywhere in a most tenacious manner -- hands, legs, deck, Adirondack and finally disappeared with the help of the garden hose. No permanent damage was done though mama's hands were funny colored for a few hours. 
In other kid-tastic news: 
1. Yesterday we took the kids out to ride their bikes. Big D is still getting comfortable without training wheels so there is lots of whining and shrieking . . . at one point, I overhead hubby asking him what his problem was. Big D's response, "My socks are too tight." Ah, yes. But of course. 
2. Sis was out of bed for like the thousandth time last night and when hubby asked what her particular problem was, her response was that her headband had fallen under the bed. Emphasis hers and repeated as if that particular detail, all the way under the bed, needed especial attention. This particular dilemma was almost too much for hubby to comprehend. As I continued to eavesdrop while giggling on the couch, he said something to the effect of, "How did your headband fall off under the bed while you were laying on your pillow?" Yes, how  indeed. Problem solving involved hubby putting the headband on the dresser for safe keeping and redepositing the child into her bed.

Now, I'm observant enough to notice that the common thread in my silly children's behavior was their father . . . hmm. Perhaps I should ask what his problem is:) 

In not so fantastic news, our little love affair continues with Uncle Sam and his insistence that we actually owe him more money. Anyone else get love letters from the IRS? They're terrifying. Pray that you don't. The system assumes that you have deliberately defrauded the government of their rightful dues and they don't really owe you any sort of explanation or assistance in figuring out how to navigate the appeal process, etc. This sets very poorly with my right-minded self. So this week's task is to figure out what our next step ought to be . . . 

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